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Hazard Clean will provide a comprehensive and thorough needle sweep

and disposal service of any site that has a high probability of sharps being present such as known drug dens, squats and public areas etc.

Needles can be hidden throughout properties in furniture, wall cavities, underneath carpets and suspended ceilings so caution should always be used when entering a property suspected to contain needles and syringes.

Premises used by drug users pose a threat to the health and safety of the public with the presence of needles, syringes and other drug paraphernalia. There is a risk contracting HIV and hepatitis from airborne and blood borne pathogens that can exist in  blood and body fluids. Drug dens are very often used for prostitution which adds to the hazardous environment due to body fluids and contraceptives.  Using our trained and skilled cleaning techniques along with advanced chemicals Hazard Clean can clean up and ensure safety is resumed.

All sharps and contaminated waste must not be discarded in general household waste and must be disposed of in the correct manner following The Hazardous Waste Legislation 2005. Failure to do so is not only illegal but could result in a needle stick injury the could potentially cause someone a life-altering viruses such as HIV or hepatitis through contamination.


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